dicom image viewer

DICOM Reader – medical imaging software

The software allows you to view the content of the PACS server and external sources.

Our DICOM image viewer allows you to display images in diagnostic quality for radiologists as well as reference for clinicians. These images are generated on the Image Distribution servers, which the client is connected to, while the image distribution server enable viewing of the tests from the list of connected PACS servers.

The architecture of the Image Distribution system has been designed to maximize the use of hardware resources and to reduce the waiting time for the use of the tool, therefore calculations are performed on a dedicated server, which in a minimum configuration is much stronger than the basic workstation located in the branch. This solution allows you to perform advanced 3D reconstructions: MPR, VOL, MIP, minIP, etc. in a much shorter time than it would be on the aforementioned workstation.

Radiology DICOM Viewer Offer

We give you the application for viewing and medical diagnostics of medical tests (CT, MR, X-ray, Mammography, etc.). Exhibeon is a solution addressed to doctors, technicians and is used to search, view and analyze digital photos in the DICOM standard. It works with medical devices supporting DICOM 3.0 communication protocols. Depending on the configuration, the application can operate in two modes: diagnostic and clinical ones. The diagnostic client is intended for radiologists to view the tests at a descriptive station which the corresponding diagnostic monitors are connected to. The clinical client is intended for departmental physicians so that they can review the study at a reference station located, for example, in a ward.

DO system architecture allows for easy and definitely faster description of teleradiological tests. As the application can be made available to physicians directly from hospital servers, there is no need to send a large number of DICOM files to descriptive stations located outside the hospital. As a result, the doctor can describe the study as soon as it is sent from the device to the PACS server.

The browser supports medical images in the DICOM 3.0 format. The software can read over 30 varieties of DICOM format, including films – Cine mode.

Application’s features




Blood vessel analysis



CINE animation


Automatic virtual colonoscopy



Blenda – Electronic iris


cpr - curve reconstructions









Fusion and image recording





hp protocols

HP configurator


importing dicom

Image importing


magnification in dicom viewer

Magnifying glass





adc maps

ADC maps


perfusion maps

Perfusion maps


dicom mpr



numbering ribs

Numbering ribs


Opening an encapsulated PDF

Opening an encapsulated PDF


Perfusion, removing movement artifacts

Perfusion, removing movement artifacts


meansurements in dicom viewer



magnification in dicom viewer






Layer thickness regulation

Layer thickness regulation


Segmentation of the liver

Segmentation of the liver


Segmentation of selected organs

Segmentation of selected organs


user's session

User’s session






MR image subtraction


Removing table in 3D reconstruction

Removing table


virtual colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy


window level

Window & Level


time intensity graphs

Time intensity graphs


Pathological changes – RECIST

Pathological changes – RECIST